From Middle East and Asia

While direct flights from the Middle East to Brasília are not available, connectivity remains strong with fifteen flights per week from Doha and Dubai to São Paulo

Domestic Connections

São Paulo, SP

Avenida Paulista

São Paulo, SP - Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

The São Paulo/Guarulhos Airport, commonly referred to as GRU Airport, is a crucial gateway to Brazil, offering extensive connectivity as the country's largest airport. With a network that spans over 100 destinations globally, GRU facilitates both international and domestic travel, seamlessly linking passengers to various corners of the world.

GRU offers 10 daily flights covering the route to Brasília in less than 2 hours. Additionally, São Paulo's Congonhas Airport, offers twenty flights to Brasília daily.

  • Doha, Qatar, with Qatar Airways
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with Emirates