A Tour of Brazil with the Python Communities!

A Brief History

Twenty years ago, within the facilities of Unicamp, the Brazilian Python community organized the first edition of an event dedicated exclusively to the Python language and related technologies. Before PyConDay -- which was later renamed to PyConBrasil and finally to PythonBrasil -- the community would only meet in person at other open-source software events, like FISL.

Over the years, Python Brasil established itself as an itinerant event, aiming primarily to be accessible to more people. It is hosted each year in a different city across the country, bringing more than just technology into focus but also inviting participants to explore diverse cultures and locations.

However, the popularity of the language and the natural growth of the community generated demand for regional events. Smaller than the national conference, these events serve as entry points for new participants, spreading Python to even more locations than the itinerant Python Brasil could reach.

The first regional event, Python Nordeste, occurred in 2013 in Fortaleza, CE. Since then, the practice and the diverse Brazilian community have only grown.

PyTour Brasil: Learn More About Python While Traveling Across Brazil

For the first time since 2019, our community will organize events in all regions of the country, offering those who have the stamina and opportunity, the chance to experience many facets and contexts of Brazil using Python as a pretext!

Python Sudeste

Organized by Grupy-Sanca and PyLadies São Carlos, the Southeast region meeting returns after a four-year hiatus.

Python Nordeste

The pioneers of regional events bring the 12th edition of Python Nordeste to the beautiful city of Natal, RN.

Python Sul

Returning to Florianópolis after six years, Python Sul will gather the communities of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and Paraná in a memorable event.

Python Norte

Formerly known as PyCon Amazonia, Python Norte will hold its 2024 edition in the city of Itacoatiara, Amazonas.

Python Brasil

Celebrating 20 years of PythonBrasil, the community returns for the third time to the Marvelous City. This event is the largest Python programming language conference in Latin America and is organized by the community, for the community.


To close the year, we will have the third edition of our event, this time in conjunction with the Plone World Conference -- Plone Conference. We hope to attract participants from over 20 countries and from much of the national territory!

A Challenge

The Brazilian Python community always surprises us, and in that spirit, we are pleased to announce the 'PyTour Brasil 2024' challenge. The challenge involves participating in person at PythonBrasil and the other five regional Python events nationwide.

We recognize that this is not a simple challenge. The dates of the events are close to each other, the distances to be traveled are considerable, and the costs, significant. However, we are certain that participants who complete the PyTour Brasil 2024 deserve special recognition. For this reason, they will be duly honored during the closing ceremony of PythonCerrado, on November 29!