Sponsorship opportunities

The Plone Conference is the annual gathering of the Plone, Zope, Guillotina, Pyramid and Volto communities. We are honoured to be the organizers of the 22th edition of this amazing event. We invite you to take advantage of one of our sponsorship packages to ensure maximum visibility for your company during the leading conference in the Plone industry.

The Plone Conference is an event organized by the community itself and supported by the Plone Foundation. We need your help to maintain its top quality and to keep it open. Sponsoring the annual conference is the best way to help Plone and its community to keep growing and evolving.

This event attracts a wide variety of people every year, but everyone has the same thing in common: The community.

It doesn’t matter if you are involved in Plone as a user (content creator, editor, site administrator), an integrator, a core developer, or if you provide solutions than can be used with our technologies. With your sponsorship you can help us organize an event where we can:

  • Train new people to use and develop Plone and Python
  • Show other people amazing projects and solutions made with Plone
  • Find new ways to improve our products
  • Hang out with an amazing community of people from all over the world

Sponsoring the event means associating your brand with open and collaborative free software initiatives. It is also a unique opportunity to establish strategic partnerships, conduct recruitments, and make connections.

We have several levels of sponsorship that provide you with different benefits, as listed below.

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