Melissa Weber Mendonça announced as a keynote speaker

We are delighted to announce the first keynote speaker – Melissa Weber Mendonça!

Melissa is a mathematician and serves as a Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Quansight, where she actively contributes to open source projects such as NumPy and SciPy.

Her academic journey includes a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Scientific Computing from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil, a Master of Science in Mathematics from the same university, and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the Facultés Universitaires Notre Dame de la Paix in Namur, Belgium.

Melissa's connection with the Plone community traces back to the 2013 edition of the Plone Conference, which coincided with that year's PythonBrasil, the annual Brazilian Python conference. We are thrilled to welcome her back to our stage!

Mark your calendars, as the Plone Conference and Python Cerrado will take place from November 25 to December 1 in Brasília, Brazil.